The Opera "Forgotten Boys"
What Xavier left to Japan

100 performances memorial Japan-Europe opera tour 2005

The 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Xavier

Supported by the Agency for cultural Affairs Government of Japan

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It is very gratifying for us in the Tokyo Opera Association to have this opportunity to introduce the Opera "Forgotten Boys-What Xavier left to Japan" again to the people of Portugal and Japan.

The Opera "Forgotten Boys" tells the story of the four boys who were dispatched as envoys to Rome by some Christian Lords of Kyushu, and we can safely say that they were the first such envoys to be sent from Japan to Europe. They brought back a deeper faith in Christianity and isolate the country. So, their remaining years became tragic.

Still, the historical significance of their journey and their lives were very great, indeed. And so, now in the era of increased internationalization, we believe that becoming familiar with their story which will further mutual understanding between Portugal and Japan is a very meaning thing. While the story took place 400 years ago, its gentle and powerful appeal for world peace and praise of humanity remain timely as ever.

The music used in this Opera draws upon a diverse range of traditions,including classical (both Western and Japanese) and contemporary music, harmonized brilliantly by the composer, Minao Shibata.

In April 1991, we were most fortunate to have twice in the audience His Holiness Pope Paul the second whose soul ascended to Heaven in peace recently. It was 1993, we fortunately could shown some parts of this opera to him. And in response to our request for understanding and cooperation for the world tour we are planning, we obtained of his special blessing for this opera. Thus, Tokyo Opera Association has decided to hold overseas performances.

As everyone knows well, Xavier is the first envoy from Europe to Japan who brought a deep faith in Christianity and an understanding of the European culture.
Next year falls the 500th anniversary of the birth of Francisco Xavier. Meanwhile, the them of this opera is "What Xavier left to Japan".

We would like to ask for your understanding and support for the significance for this opera tour in Portugal and in Japan

Respectfully yours,

Edward Tuazon Ishita,
Representative,Tokyo Opera Association

Schedule in Portugal 2005
July 21

July 24

July 26
Luisa Todi Theatre in Setubal

Castle Sines

Salesian Church in Estoril (Estoril music Festival)